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200 Gallon Roller 3 Point Land Champ Tractor Sprayer
200 Gallon Roller 3 Point Land Champ Tractor Sprayer 200 Gallon Roller 3 Point Land Champ Tractor Sprayer 200 Gallon Roller 3 Point Land Champ Tractor Sprayer

200 Gallon Roller 3 Point Land Champ Tractor Sprayer

Part #: SLC200FG8GR

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Land Champ Features

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU A4456343
Manufacturer Enduraplas
Manufacturer Part # SLC200FG8GR
Material Polyethylene
Product Documents Tractor Land Champ Owner's Manual
Tractor Land Champ Part's Breakdown
Weight (lbs.) 290
Dimensions 36" Length x 48" Width x 52" Height
Tank Size (gal.) 200
Pump Motor PTO
Pump Power Belt
Pump Type Roller
Flow Rate (GPM) 8
Pressure (PSI) 300
Hose Length (ft.) 15
Vertical Distance (ft.) 27
Horizontal Distance (ft.) 35
Part Breakdown Land Champ Part Breakdown
Land Champ Part Breakdown
Land Champ Part Breakdown


Reference Number Part Number Description Required
1AZFP1003100 Gal 3 Point Frame1
2AZFP2003200 Gal 3 Point Frame1
3AMTHSL100FG100 Gal 3 Pt Spray Tank1
4AMTHSL200FG200 Gal 3 Pt Spray Tank1
5AMSLRT11FGRinse Tank for 100 Gal 3 Pt1
6AMSLRT18FGRinse Tank for 200 Gal 3 Pt1
7CHBZ0305253/8 x 1 bolt12
8CHNZN03253/8 Nylock nut12
9CHWZF0353/8 Flat washer30
10CHBZ0506251/2" x 1 1/4" Bolt10
11CHNZN05251/2 Nylock Nut10
12CV162IP3 Point Imp Pin Category 1 & 22
13CPPDR001Torque Bar and Chain Assembly1
14CPPDR002Coupler 1.375 x .625 PTO Adaptor1
15APD19G006R6 Roller CI pump1
16CHBZ0203255-16 x .75 Hex Bolt2
17CHWZF0255/16 Flat washer2
18CHWZL0255-16 Lock Washer5
20CA300128Tank Filter 16 inch-shallow1
21CFLP16HV16 inch Hypro Lid Hinged1
22CG8391130214" threaded vented tank lid1
23AZKF0012hose wrap for 3pt sprayers2
24CHBZ0304253/8 x 3/4 bolt2
25CHWZL0353/8 Lock washer6
26CVGC100Wand Clip2
27CHMS90021310-32 - 1/2 Pan head screw2
28CHNSN90310-32 18-8 SS LOCKNUT2
29CVSW0383/8 FPT X 3/8 MPT SWIVEL1
30CFPS01M01B3/8" MPT x 3/8" Hose Barb Straight1
31CFPN05M05M1 Short Poly Nipple3
32CBTEE1001 inch pipe tee2
33CBRN100-0751 x 3/4 Poly Reducer Nipple2
34CVPBV2343/4 FPT Union Valve3
35CFPS05M05B1 Inch hose barb2
36CBV100SL1 Side Load 3 Way Valve1
37CFPE05M05B1 inch Male thread x 1 inch hose barb 901
39CA3132453Automatic filter 1 1/4"1
40CHBZ7010085M6 - 16MM Hex Head Bolt3
41CA1005191.25 BSP x .75 inch hose barb1
42CA1005251.25 BSP x 1 inch hose barb1
44CBEL05090.5 Poly Pipe Elbow 901
45CBHB02505090.25 MPT x .5 Hose Barb 904
46CFPT04B.75 Hose Barb Tee1
47CA463CDP02Pro Valve Bank1
48CVS34BZO1/4" Female x 1/4" MPT Lever Ball Valve1
49CBHB02503890.25 MPT x .375 Hose Barb1
50CPFG153/4 Press fit hose grommet1
51CHBZ0103251/4 X 3/4 Bolt4
52CHWZF0151/4" Flat Washer4
53CHWZL0151/4" Lock Washer4
54CFPE04M04B.75 Male Thread x .75 Hose Barb 902
55CLUVGC02502Site Gauge Hose AMTHSL2001
56CLUVGC02502Site Gauge Hose AMSLRT181
57CLUESB0200013-8 Hose 3 Point Pro Valve Bank3
58CLUESB0200013-8 Hose Pro Valve Bank to Wand-15'1
59CLUESB0200043-4 Hose Discharge from Pump To HB Tee1
60CLUESB0200043-4 Hose From Filter to inlet on Pump1
61CLUESB0200043-4 Hose Return from Provalve to Tank1
62CLUESB0200043-4 Hose From HB Tee to Provalve Supply1
63CLUESB0200051" from Spray Tank to 3 Way Valve1
64CLUESB0200051 in Hose from 3 Way Valve to Suction Filter1
66CFCW001Clamp for 3/4 hose9
67CFCW003Clamp for 1 inch hose4
68CXSC0002Cable Tie 8"3
69CXT0001Cable Tie 14"3
70CHBZ030525C3/8" x 1 Carriage Bolt4
71CHNZH03253/8" Nut4
72CXLT00113 Point Flush Tank Decal1
73CXLT00103 Point Spray Tank Decal1
74CFPS04M04B3/4 Male thread to 3/4 hose shank1
75CFPS04M02B3/4 MPT X 1/2 Hose Barb1
76CFCC003Clamp for 1/2" Hose6
77CFPS02M02B1-2 MPT x 1-2 Hose Barb1
78CLUESB0200043/4" Hose from HB tee to .75 valve1
79CLUESB0200021-2 Hose from 3/4 valve to agitator1
80CFBU01B02M.375 Union nipple .5 male thread3
81CFBU02Grubber washer for brass cap3
82CFBU02CBrass Cap-GH3